Estate Settlement

Estate Settlement

Verity Advisors specializes in estate research, account recovery, and the extensive investigative searches needed to locate and communicate with heirs and beneficiaries when the original account owners are deceased.

We have an unmatched track record and resources for resolving these often-complex situations, including highly skilled estate specialists and a nationwide communication network with local and municipal courts. Our staff is comprised of former estate administrators and litigators, public administrators, and estate attorneys. We have settled thousands of complex claims by beneficiaries and heirs, helping clients protect their assets.

Our Estate Research & Recovery services can:

  • Identify estate assets belonging to heirs.
  • Settle estates in probate court, through our legal team.
  • Provide Heirship Affidavit completions for our clients.

In many instances, there’s a need to probate the estate of the original owner. We have law offices on retainer in every area in which we operate, who are well versed in estate law. If payment for these services is an issue, we can certainly find a solution to ensure the estate is probated quickly, for the safe return of your account.