Client Testimonials


Jen D.

(5 Stars)


Excellent job Verity Advisors! Chris and Crystal were great to work with and were able to overcome any obstacle that came our way during our recovery! They worked hard and got it done! Thank you Verity!

Tony W

(5 Stars)


Chris and the verity advisors team did an exceptional job recovering funds from my late grandfather’s estate. They helped with walking through all the steps and all of the questions I had. Chris was very transparent with the process of how the recovery process works. It was quite a timely process and at any time I could call or email Chris and he would respond very quickly. I would recommend Chris and his team for asset recovery for anyone needing this service.

Carla S

(5 Stars)


Lauren and her team recovered assets from my mother’s estate, a task that I had attempted numerous times, but had gotten hung up on all the paperwork and grief over my mother’s death. Lauren was great at communicating and providing me with updates, and checking in even if there was nothing to report. I was a little nervous at the beginning, handing over so much personal information to strangers, but Verity Advisors got the job done, and they were very professional throughout the process. I am grateful to have been able to rely on Verity, and I don’t know what I would have done without their help. I would absolutely use Verity Advisors again and strongly recommend their services. Thank you, Lauren!!

Dan D

(5 Stars)


Chris *********** and the rest of Verity did an amazing job with my recovery of my late father’s estate, working through a missing death certificate, a misspelled name on the coroner’s report, and a host of other hurdles. They helped me find appropriate legal representation, walked me through all the steps, and were there to reassure me through a long and arduous process. The money recovered will help our family finally achieve homeownership. A literally lifechanging journey. So glad I went with Verity.

Kevin H

(5 Stars)


Incredible integrity, and honesty. That’s the words I think of when the name Verity Advisors is mentioned. Ethics, Values, and Patience, is additional words I would add when speaking of Chris A. I was very skeptical when I first received a call from Chris telling me they found some assets that belonged to me. After doing my own due diligence I felt comfortable enough with Chris to pursue these assets I had no idea I had. It was an effortless process for me. It took me about an hour to gather the requested information they needed to pursue this asset. And that’s it, About six weeks later I had a check with the dollar amount Chris stated they found. Verity Advisors is trustworthy, knowledgeable, and very skilled at what they do. I’m very thankful that I listened to what Chris was saying, completed my own due diligence, and then had faith in Chris to do what he said he would.

Jan B

(5 Stars)


“Genuine” is the one word that expresses my experience with Verity Advisors . I was very impressed with Christopher A*********i and his integrity. Chris and his team gave me the right information and confidence to secure my unclaimed assets. I’m thankful for their patience with me and the valuable experience they used to expedite the process.

Jeffrey B

(5 Stars)


Extraordinary conscientiousness, care, advocacy and intelligence. Helped recover assets I did not even know existed, that Verity had uncovered- and contacted me with their proposal to recover the unclaimed property that was being held in 2 different states. Wholly trustworthy, personable and skilled in what they do. If you are reading these words you are already well on your way to possibly recovering something of significant value to you. GO FOR IT !

Randy T

(5 Stars)


Chris was great to work with and with practically no effort on my part recovered a substantial sum of unclaimed funds. I highly recommend Verity Advisors!

William R

(5 Stars)


I would highly recommend Steve Moore and his associates at Verity. After the passing of my mom, Steve helped my wife and myself through quite a complicated mess of my mom’s business affairs that had been tied up by the Texas Comptroller’s office. Steve was highly professional and was always responsive to our communications during a rough and trying time. Through his help and guidance, Steve was able to retrieve and restore mom’s accounts in a timely manner. His fee was stated up front, was reasonable and never changed through the entire process. Highly recommended!

Jason R

(5 Stars)


Steve contacted me and told about unclaimed funds from my father. At first I was skeptical so I went to there office and meet with them. Everybody was was a pleasure to work with and Informative on how to handle my situation. When i got paper work together and turned in to Steve at Verity he handled it from there and I received the check promptly there after from the state. Very pleased with the service from Steve and Verity and would work with again.

Patrick C

(5 Stars)


Zach was great. Made everything very clear and simple.I would recommend him and his company to anyone. Thanks Zach

Chris C

(5 Stars)


Lauren and her team were very professional and kept me informed on the progress the entire time. They were able to recover assets quickly. I would definitely work with them again and would not hesitate to recommend them to others.