Asset Recovery

Asset Recovery

Verity Advisors works with a wide array of businesses and institutions to locate and protect owners of dormant and lost assets. Among our account holders are banking institutions, insurance providers, oil and gas producers, fund companies, and investment firms. When an account becomes dormant due to inactivity, these businesses rely on us to locate and retain owners like yourself for the safe return of the account.

The Asset Recovery process can be daunting, and in many cases substantial property or assets are not subject to reporting, which makes them difficult to identify. Clients gain a full-service solution, ensuring no asset is left behind, including:

  • Asset recovery processing
  • Researching dormant accounts
  • Filing claims with jurisdictions and required documents to get claims approved
  • Estate legal processing (if applicable)
  • A review of often overlooked repositories, such as bankruptcy courts, counties, cities, state agencies, and federal agencies

Why is it important to act now?

With a massive increase in fraudulent activity, keeping your assets secure is and should be a top priority. Dormant accounts are at a much higher risk for fraudulent activity, for a plethora of reasons. Furthermore, when an account becomes dormant, it stops producing income. With rising inflation, it effectively causes you to lose money. Only after your account has been returned to you, can it be put back into an income producing investment. Don’t lose your money. Let us get started today, so you can put your money back to work.

Why trust us with this matter?

  • We operate completely on a contingency basis, so it will not cost you anything out of pocket.
  • We will NOT ask for any money up front, EVER.
  • Our services are solely to facilitate the recovery of your account, which will be delivered directly to you. (We do not take receipt of your account.)
  • We have successfully recovered over $100,000,000 of assets, and millions of shares of securities (stocks and mutual funds) for our clients.